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Certification Program

The Integrative
Multi-Body Method

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to helping a client. Every person that you will meet will come to you with a unique experience that encompasses their multi-body makeup. It’s time to go beyond what you have learned and make your practice what you envisioned when you began your journey as a therapist and coach. 

What if the missing link is the tools you are using?

When we begin our commitment to help others we have a vision of how we want to impact everyone that comes to see us. Sometimes you work wonders and sometimes you get frustrated that the progress isn't showing up in the lives of your clients. Sometimes you may think it’s you, or even worse, that it is them. What if this isn't the issue?

Overwhelmed therapists

The last three years have overwhelmed the therapists and life coaches that are working to make a difference, many experiencing 3 and 4 month waiting list and lack of resources to refer out to.
0 %
of mental health practitioners reported that they feel burned out
Source: APA. 2021
0 %
of therapists experiencing burnout said they would leave their profession within 5 years

APA. 2019

Burnout causes therapists to leave their profession

Not seeing results in people that are struggling can feel like a personal failure. Having tools to help quickly can be a game changer

Our world right now is struggling!

The last few years have seen an increase in anxiety and depression across all ages, genders and socio-economic groups. The world is ready for change and it needs rapid, effective help more than ever before. This is the time to sharpen your skills and become the coach & therapist you envisioned when you began this journey.

0 %
of US adults received mental health treatment in the past 12 months

CDC. 2019

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    During the course of a year I will help you learn, implement and fine tune tools that will address your client’s needs across their four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and energetic.
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    You will learn new tools that can best serve your client as you take them on a custom journey of self-discovery, personal responsibility and transformation.
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    Work with clients to address and transform any root issue holding them back to help them maximize their truest potential. become an integrative multi-body method coach in this 12-month training program.

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Certification Program BEGINS OCTOBER 1st, 2024

The Integrative
Multi-Body Method

The Integrative Multi-Body Method transforms lives by aligning the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to heal past traumas, beliefs, and thought patterns.

It combines the most effective techniques of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, energy work, breathwork, coaching, and quantum dna activation for long-lasting healing and transformation for your clients.

Meet your Instructor

My Name is Patty Fuenzalida,

and I am a transformational mindset coach. For the past 17 years I have worked with thousands of clients and have trained hundreds of coaches to become effective practitioners and lead successful coaching businesses through meaningful work worldwide.

Throughout my career, I have experienced what works and what doesn’t for my clients in order for them to make fast, permanent changes in their lives. I have taught them the tools to continue the work on their own, putting the power of transformation into their own hands.

I am now ready to share my method with you in my year-long Integrative Multi-Body method certification.

Let’s create a ripple effect of transformation across the world!


THE INTEGRATIVE MULTI-BODY METHOD (IMBM) is a coaching process that addresses every aspect of our makeup. it expands the worldview and aspects of a person to a wider scope, for more avenues of healing to take place, taking the multi-dimensional aspect of each person you work with into account.


the 4 Foundational PIllars

We are multidimensional beings who exist and function within different forms or bodies. Our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies are all interconnected and affect the flow and harmony of one another. When we bring these bodies into alignment, true transformation can occur and it is then that we experience optimal health, happiness, and fulfillment.

Physical Body

Our physical body allows us to function and interact in the material dimension.

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It is our skin and everything under the skin like our skeletal system, brain, organs, veins, and ligaments. When the physical body is imbalanced, we experience visible and often painful sensations, discomfort or disease. When the physical body is balanced, we feel energized, open, flexible, and free to move in our bodies.

Mental Body

The mental body allows us to think, conceptualize, imagine, and discern.​

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It contains our thoughts, attitudes, judgments, beliefs, and perceptions about who we are in relation to the world. When our mental body is in balance, we feel clear and at ease. innovations come to fruition and we are able to communicate effectively. out of balance, our thoughts keep us stuck or move us in the opposite direction of where we desire to go.

Emotional Body

The emotional body is charged by our nervous system and hormones,​

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which are directly affected by our thoughts and feelings. Our emotions act as a bridge between the physical and mental, interpreting how we react and respond to situations due to the cortisol, insulin, progesterone, and testosterone levels (amongst other hormones, proteins and neiro-transmitters) that our brain signals our bodies to experience.

Energetic Body

The energetic body is a reflection of these three bodies and how they interconnect and interact to create an auric field.​

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You can think of it as the big picture of how we feel and move in the world. When we understand the vibrational fields of each of these bodies, we learn how these fields affect each other and make the shifts to strengthen ourselves.

When in balance, we can experience optimal health and well-being. The key is bringing these bodies into alignment through the use of highly effective and proven tools like the ones you will learn in this year long certification.

In-person & Online Components

The Online Experience

We will meet for a year online every Tuesday from 9:00AM-12:00PM EST. Each class will be live and led by Patty Fuenzalida. Recordings will be available after each live class.

In-person Experience

Online classes are great but nothing beats the inperson experience. We will meet twice in person: at our Reiki attunement retreat and again for our graduation and practice retreat.

Modalities & Disciplines

Modalities you will master

  • Hypnosis
  • Past Life Regression
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Life Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Quantum DNA Activation
  • Sound Healing
  • Meditation
  • Sales & Marketing Skills
What you get

the 12-Month Training

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    2 Retreats: Reiki attunement & Graduation scheduled for February 20th-24th, 2025 and September 12th-15th, 2025 *Airfare Not Included
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    48 Live Zoom Classes beginning October 1st, 2024 (Tuesdays 9AM-12PM)
  • imbm-icons-healing
    120 Hours Of Interactive Lecture On Effective Healing Methods.
  • imbm-icons-reading
    Required Readings
  • imbm-icons-practice2
    Hands-On Practice
  • imbm-icons-coachingpng
    Learn How To Conduct One On One And Coaching Sessions
For your Accountability

OUr Community

Join A Community With Like-Minded People On The Same Mission. When we have a community to lean on, we work more confidently and feel less alone. For those just starting out, accountability is key to reaching professional success quickly.

you master the following Techniques


Hypnosis is the primary tool that you will learn to use in client sessions.

You will learn how to conduct a session from start to finish using various hypnotic techniques tailored to the benefit of your client. Some of the many techniques include regression, discovery of self, conditioning, and post-hypnotic anchors.
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP will allow you to quickly rewire your client's mindset and belief systems though the tool that we all use every day: language.

By restructuring the way your clients think and speak, you transform chemistry and behaviors so quickly it feels like magic.


The physical body is the greatest memory keeper. it is there in every experience we have as human beings.

It records our chemical and emotional patterns as well as environmental & epigenetic stressors that have affected us over time. Breathwork allows us to uproot and release trapped emotions, memories, and energetic blockages stored in the body that our brains cannot fully process. This technique is useful for people who feel stuck and unable to advance using other means. ​


Using Universal Life Force Energy, REIKI provides relief from physical, emotional, and mental pain and stress by taking the body to the deepest level of rest and activating its innate healing abilities.

You will become attuned to channel REIKI yourself so that you can restore your client’s energetic field by calling upon assistance from grand masters, archangels, and spirit guides who send REIKI according to what is best for the recipient and their evolution. you will learn how to attune your clients when appropriate.

Quantum DNA

Imagine if you had access to your original DNA information, before the experiences that have hurt and changed you?

Activating your DNA can feel like an expansion of energy, clearing out blockages, and skyrocketing your body’s innate wisdom and infinite potential. Those who practice QUANTUM DNA activation have been able to strengthen their immune system, eliminate pain, improve sleep, increase creativity, heal negative emotional patterns, and tap into spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance or claircognizance.

Past life regression

This hypnotic technique allows your clients to step out of their baseline expectations into a world full of possibility, forgiveness and spiritual transcendence.

Eliminate the core shared fear of death after just one session open up the release of all other fears. Past life regression works wonders on phobias and for those seeking to uncover their life’s purpose.


Not everyone meditates the same way. What is grounding for one client will be unnerving to another.

Finding the type of meditation that works for your clients can be life altering. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or not, you will explore different styles of meditating that will lead your clients into habits that foster peace, health and insight.

Life coaching

Asking the right questions and holding your clients accountable to their goals is key for coaching success.

You will start to define your coaching style as you learn tools to support your clients. Your confidence will go a long way to get your clients to trust themselves and to take the steps necessary to reach their goals


Starting and growing a business is no easy task.

And let’s face it, if your heart is in integrating the above tools, sales, business plans and tax planning is probably not as exciting to you.

The biggest obstacle coaches and therapists face after completing a class

is letting the world know about them and monetizing their new skills.
No matter where you are in your career, understanding how business structures work, how to handle taxes and payroll, how to set up (and stick to) a business plan are crucial aspects to running a successful business. You will receive professional guidance as well as the tools you need to make your business thrive.

Sales & marketing

Love it or hate it, if you’re going to make a living as a therapist or coach, people need to know you exist. And I want you to make a fantastic living so that you keep answering your calling and people that need you, find you. The good news is that sales & marketing is way easier than most of us have experienced so far. You will learn how to attract clients, how to sell them, how to keep them and how to get them to spread the word about your talents through social media, email campaigns, and paid advertising. With over 20 years of professional sales experience and leadership, Patty will show you how to flex your business muscles, even if you think you don’t yet have any!


This intensive and transformational class will meet you where you are at and take you where you’ve always wanted to go. You will be your first client, learning the tools and techniques to coach yourself to experience the transformation for yourself. This will allow you to coach from a place of embodiment and experience.


You will join an inclusive community of like-minded change agents who will empower, inspire, and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and create a fulfilling business where you thrive on passion, and feel confident and well equipped to help your dream client achieve their goals.

Get certified

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    Answer your inner calling to help others live at their full potential.
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    Use your skills and experience to light the way for others.
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    Learn the tools to help you succeed faster.
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    Take your clients & patients to the root of their challenges.
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    See your clients & patients make permanent changes.
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    Master and fine tune your talents as a therapist or coach.
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    Make a massive impact in your community.
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    Become financially successful with solid sales and business skills.
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    Learn a faster way to get your clients the results they crave.
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    Stop putting off your calling.
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    Start accelerating transformation.

The 2024-2025 Program

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    2 Retreats: Reiki attunement & Graduation scheduled for February 20th-24th, 2025 and September 12th-15th, 2025 *Airfare Not Included
  • imbm-icons-zoom
    48 Live Zoom Classes beginning October 1st, 2024 (Tuesdays 9AM-12PM)
  • imbm-icons-healing
    Access to all 140 Hours Of Interactive Lecture recordings until certification is completed
  • imbm-icons-reading
    Required & recommended Readings
  • imbm-icons-practice2
    Hands-On Practice requirements
  • imbm-icons-coachingpng
    Once live courses are completed, students will have 24 months to submit requirements for certification.



Discounted Pricing ends July 31st, 2024
$ 11,480
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All classes except for the two in-person retreats are recorded so that you can watch if you miss a class. The in-person retreats are required for certification.
For 24 months after the end of the last class.
  • Completion of all the modules
  • Submittal of 2 written or recorded book reports from assigned list
  • Passing score on all module quizzes
  • Submittal of 4 recorded hypnosis audios
  • Submittal of 4 recorded meditations
  • Submittal of 10 Breathwork records
  • Attendance to both in-person retreats
No. All you need is a desire to help others.
Over the year-long training you can expect to work a total of 260 hours on your own, about 5 hours per week. This time will include practice on own and with clients, reading and listening to meditation and hypnosis audios.

500 between retreats, classes and self-study